Hell and High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli

 5/9/17 Hell and High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Hanford plutonium finishing plant tunnel collapses -real and present nuclear danger; back to Yucca Mountain with trump? “Last Man on Earth”; Fukushima is everywhere, the Oceans;trump and de-regulations;trump a front man;Ivanka/Jared/China/handlers;did we say we’d prefer Hillary? Bush Jr. looking good; the Ethics committee – where are they? Russia-Gate; Michael Flynn-blaming Obama? Racist,sexist trump administration; Goldman Sachs government; what to do? Vote with your dollars and forks, get your money out of Wall st & Big Banks; be a conscious shopper; suicidal stupidity; death panels;The Matrix; “Bananas” by Woody Allen;robots made in Japan;religion and politics-control masters and much more.







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12 Responses to "Hell and High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli"

  1. robot says:

    List of 61 patents for the transmutation of radioactive materials to nonradioactive: http://www.rexresearch.com/alchemy6/transmutation.htm

    Pending patent for transmutation: http://www.cheniere.org/patent%20application/claim.htm

    Patent for remediation of radioactive waste: https://www.google.com/patents/EP1090395A1

    The above information from http://www.freshandalive.com

  2. Meria says:

    they better get busy quick!

  3. robot says:

    No shit. Unfortunately, we are “they.”

  4. Meria says:

    yes we are. Hemp and Chaparral are great plants that naturally fight radiation’s effects. I recommend chaparral to clients who are suffering
    through radiation treatments to kill off the side effects. Of course with the govt saying none of this matters or affects us, people tend to
    believe that garbage, refusing to educate themselves.

  5. dougj34 says:

    Hey Meria, you are such a gem! Take a minute and view Dane Wiginton’s latest post at: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-frequency-transmissions-and-weather-warfare/?inf_contact_key=22382966219e174a571157c7c8f5257bb3bb8fc1dc58a913686c6fa58175f46f

    I have been following his work for a while, another gem among us. Best to you.

  6. Meria says:

    thanks! I follow Dane’s work as well. hugs

  7. guygirard says:

    love you guys together good show.

    Here is a fact. Your government is a fraud, its corrupt, all its institutions are now run by corporations for proffit.

    No one has a single chance to survive as long as you keep thinking and voting for all that corruption.

    they are killing you off now, the land is poisoned, the water is poisoned, the livestock is poisoned, the ocean is poisoned, and with all the cell towers and wifi you are all becoming steril and being experimented on at a dna lv daily.


    I am serious untill the entire system is destroyed, taken the corrupt corporations, central banks and satanic sects all arrested and deposessed you have 0 chance to rebuild anything

    good luck arguing your way to the grave about shit that dont matter while what needs to be done is ignored

    there is no way i can say nicely that you would rather see a smart puppet in office instead of a dumb one just so you can be proud of your country. Seems to me you all are missing the real point

    when one says they are here to destroy the system because they see that the system is killing them all, there is NO voting and NO choosing the better of 2 evils, there is only destroying the system that is killing you

    hugs Meria & Chuck

  8. guygirard says:

    As long as people are divided, arguing about this or that, believing in this or that and doing thier own thing unfortunately that also means there will be no united front to destroy that which is the root cause of all your problems.

    David Icke has always exposed the truth and investigated the web of coruption, his goal is to expose it for what it is. He lets people make up their own minds.

    NO political system Now world wide is NOT comrpimised by the corrupt central banks and corporations

    Laws are all made by the same hidden hand that run everything in the shadows and they have infiltrated all the juditial institutions world wide

    The Anunnaki are doing their regime change wars as we speek and they are coming back ( some never left )

    That is how things stand now, unite to stop this at a regional, state, country, and world level
    to stop it, not by phisical violence but with truth and clarity of thought. or slowly die off and get collected in the Anunnaki soul recycling machine untill this entire reality ends.

    Freewill zone – its your choice

  9. robot says:

    I have heard that Dane Wiginton is not solution based at all and has blocked those who do speak about solutions to chemtrails, i.e. trailbusting, from distributing material at his conferences.

  10. Meria says:

    I’ve heard similar. I just get his newsletter.

  11. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I went along with this show, listening intently, nodding my head, smiling, “getting it.” AND THEN, you said something about Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John not being “real” names from biblical times. WHAT? I never, EVER thought of that. Now, all I can DO is run that little factoid through my head. You and your guests never fail to spark my old brain with new ideas that had never occurred to me before. YAY!!

  12. Meria says:

    something to think about indeed!

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