Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer

 5/23/17 Roaring Truth, with Meria and Jim Fetzer. Breaking stories every day; the Manchester “bombing”; large bang;#22 all over the place;pre-election? stolen elections of 2000,2004 etc; Bernie vs. Hillary;Korbach and Blackwell (Ohio); 9/11/01;Bob Fitrakis “return to paper ballots”; gatekeepers;Saudi Arabia wants a deal for their payments-drop the 9/11 lawsuit; sponsors of terrorism-trump bows to them; trump has betrayed the USA; Iran/Syria target goals; trump & Netanyahu;Pence/Cheney;trumps obeisance to the King;the Orb and the dance;Illluminati ritual? ISIS -creation of the US & Israel;Kushner & Ivanka;Russians in the Oval; Seth Rich;laptops and airlines; and much more.the JFK Conference online Monday.







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  1. gaston says:

    I bet that there was a lot of rigging of the vote going on for both candidates. If you would have had a correct count of the vote at all stages of the process Bernie Sanders would now be president. If that clown we have in the white house now is allowed to continue with his evil ways he will be the last (although already fake) “democratically elected president” and if there is any need for a next one (that is, if he hasn’t blown up the planet by the time he’s done) the next one will be appointed, not elected. Not from the shadows, as is the case now, but openly.

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