News of Planet of the Apes, With Meria

¬†6/5/17 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Terrorism in Florida isn’t called terrorism;Saudi’s take 100% control of largest US oil refinery;5 Arab countries back out of Qatar;trump vs London Mayor;jailed for refusing to give phone password;Far Right White Male biggest terror threat; trumps admin.grossly understaffed;Bill Cosby trial today; over $75,000 a yr per inmate; Kushner,Russian Bank;Flint crisis blamed on African-Americans;London “terror”;Japan holding evacuation drills;Biden’s PAC;Manafort/Sessions/Kushner investigated;80 yrs for protesting? Bill for teen sexting 15 yrs?Best Buy spies;Israels atomic solution in 1967;GOP “christians” – leave it to god, pray it away; trump sells us out to Saudis;hiding CIA torture report forever;Pastor sentenced for child rape;white evangelicals; resisting trump; cops kill 3 black teenage boys in one month;Tom Price and big pharma;CBD and seizures; ethics exemptions;China slams trump; threatened after being on Fox “news”;and more insanity.





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2 Responses to "News of Planet of the Apes, With Meria"

  1. guygirard says:

    Thats interresting, Trump is selling off the US corporations to forign countries like they are already parting up the country among themselves ? It is all happening right Under all your noses for those that have eyes to see ! more so for me because i lived in ancient times and saw it over and over in many civilisations in past lives

    evangelicals- the average family is just mind controlled but Watch the leaders they are the servants of the system. Wheather anyone likes it or not, the Anunnaki are still alive, they invented all religions and they are here calling the shots playing one religion against another.

    Trump is not in charge of his body and mind anymore, i dont say that because of his health, i say that because all presidents are posessed no exception. it happens at the inauguration when they swear upon the masonic bibble. the entire ceremony is a ritual. They serve the system and do as they are told, the rest is smoke and mirrirors to make you all think the figure heads are in charge.

    When a leader talks about god in his speach, he is an agent servig the system through mind control and the god they talk about are here on earth for real Enlil and Marduke keep that in mind its NO JOKE, the tall wites your governments made deals with and many others around the world too. The Anunnaki’s can make any body type they want and control them remotely from the 4rth dimension.

    It has become more than anoying to see good people still mind controlled and blind to this fact because they want to hold élections again to put another puppet in there as if that will solve anything within the system of corruption that rules everything in your country.

    The police are not serving and protecting the people, can anyone see how mind controlled they are, they too swear oaths and have to go through a ceremony/ritual. I saw a black man arrested violently for no reason because he had a burnt light bulb on his liscense plate. It is reported he had a 1/2 a million dollar bond to get out of jail. That is more than a murderer has to pay. See my points ? its not normal behavior

    They are filling up the private jails and practicing forced labour for corporations and when they run out of room in there they will fill up the FEMA camps. Their goal is the return of AUSHWITS concentration camps of forced labour. They dont care about human rights look at the pictures of ww2

    It brings me no joy to say these things, i want people to Wake up unite and destroy their system because i dont wnt to see more suffering when it can be stopped. This is a freewill zone and you have to save yourselves from the mind control

    nuff said hugs Meria good show

  2. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    It’s very interesting that people low on the totem pole who “leak” information stand to be incarcerated for the rest of their lives on charges of “treason,” while Trump can tweet all day and night, blabbing sensitive information without any worries. I really appreciate it that you serve as my personal insect-catcher (Dynozapper, if you will). You listen to Trump’s constant buzzing and absorb his stinging/sucking on my behalf….and then tell me about it afterward. Thanks, Meria.

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