Hell and Highwater with Meria and Chuck Ochelli

 10/11/17 Hell and High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Too much news;rediculous military spending, cutting CHIP program;BIE, BLM-co intel pro; Russian collusion;Dutch documentaries on trump;Hillary’s emails vs. trump & co’s emails; hypocrisy in all directions;Rapist Weinstein & trump;Howard Stern tapes of trump; Ivana vs.Melania;Orgy Island;undoing Obama;No.Korea;Iran;Generals in control of Pentagon;China;white male christian terrorists;Las Vegas discrepancies; flag salute-idolatry;the civil flag vs. the military flag;2009 & football; distractions; the film “Lord of War”; and much more.







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2 Responses to "Hell and Highwater with Meria and Chuck Ochelli"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    “Hell and Highwater” ALWAYS one of my favorites! I just wanted to let you and Chuck know that I love your shows together. As far as the FLAG goes, the whole issue makes my stomach turn. I have had discussions with more people than I can even remember about it. When I tell these uninformed A-HOLES (sorry) that the FLAG they LOVE so much is the Military Banner and NOT the Civil Flag, the comment I receive from ALL of them is…”I don’t care, it’s the FLAG I know”. YIKES! Anyway, I have been off FB, by choice, for over 2 weeks. It is a small protest to the Netanyahu/Zuckerberg decision to censor comments relating to Israhell. I will be back because I must admit that I miss discussions with LIKE-MINDED people, and being able to vent about issues. Way too many people are living in LA-LA LAND in the “REAL WORLD”…Thanks to discussions like you have, I realize that I’m not alone with my opinions. Big hug to you both!

  2. Meria says:

    let people know that my site is a safe space for those with thinking brains! You are not alone. Hugs!!!!

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