News of Planet of the Apes,With Meria

12/28/17 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Free Ahed Tamimi – hero of Palestine;Israel’s tear gas on Palestine, teen shot;Roy Moore never gives up; trump insults everyone for Xmas;tax giveaway in numbers;Obama gets #1; GOP vs.America;regulations disappearing;etu’ Corey Lewandowski;Flynn;Ivanka and money laundering; trump golfs in private 100th day;5 ft of snow; suing the Pentagon;500 rich got $1trillion richer in 2017;Mueller,Manafort,Bannon,Kushner;Melania embarrassment;Orrin Hatch razzed;Marines told to ready for “big ass war” and not mention Russia;GOP candidate wants to execute gays;India & diabetes;Nikki “Nimrita” Haley;world turns away from US;Nimrita threats at UN;Mormons baptizing dead again;Mnuchins’ bag of shit;trump kisses his donors asses;protests against Netanyahu;credit card debt rising; and lots more insanity.









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