News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria

 1/4/18 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Bannon vs. trump, truth comes out (Mr.Loyalty);Scaramucci on Bannon;Michael Wolff’s book; trump puts “cease and desist” order on Bannon;never expected to win; Melania cried;Sessions coming for legal pot; trump called Yates a “c*nt”;trumps voter fraud commission gone;Manafort suing Mueller’s investigation;Hope Hicks “piece of tail”-trump;Sarah defends Donald;trump threatens nuclear war on twitter, keeps his account; trump attacked everyone;Pakistan on trump;Israel to steal rest of Gaza;Bomb cyclone?trump fans in a tizzy; treason;Kim Jon Un;1,950 LIES by trump so far;ICE/Motel 6;Puerto Rico in the dark;12,000 store closings this yr;release testimony on dossier; bleeding Puerto Rico;Hatch out, Romney in?frozen sharks; trump cut heating aid;PTSD-DOD says too bad;uber rich moving to New Zealand;David Clarke suspended; trump kills Obama rail funding;Iran protests, US protests;Iran’s reply to trump; and more insanity.









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