News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria

 1/29/18 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. USAF “Red Flag 18-1” drill; war on horizon? Will Ferrell’s “W” open on SNL;USA gymnastics board quits;7 yr high spending for lobbyists under trump;Putin;the Grammy’s & Hillary;39% of Americans don’t have $1,000 saved – “recovery”; trump wants to nationalize 5G? Russian bots; Melania & donald;Steve Wynn resigns from RNC after paying out over a million to accuser;Stormy Daniels & Jimmy Kimmel’s show;Robert Parry dies;police reign of terror-1,223 killed in 2017;Kuschner on carpet;Duterte;Ruth Ginsberg;SOTU;twitter bots;Andrew McCabe steps down; trump to keep Gitmo open;DACA;$1Billion a yr more for Koch bros under tax plan; fake christians defend trump;$24 mil for a refrigerator?spacecraft from 2005 wakes up; flu;earthquakes;trump booed at Davos;US world standing at 30%;crazy bills by GOP;AI-threat;trump wanted to fire Mueller last June;2 minutes to midnight; emoluments case moves on; sharks;toilets and much more insanity.





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