Hell and High Water with Meria & Chuck Ochelli

 2/13/18 Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Dying with the “flu”;homeless deaths and murders;When was America great? MAGA? trump & big pharma;Sessions and opioids; Rob Porter’s background check-when did they know? Birds of a feather;NSA/Fed.Reserve;Pence at the Olympics;Obama & Bush;Russian prayer breakfast;Ethics committee?Arnold vs. trump;”Survival of the Richest”;income inequality; divide & conquer; are you middle class? post WW2 economics; corporate abuse;the myth of America;the new GOP;the tv series: Altered Carbon & Electric Dreams and more.







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2 Responses to "Hell and High Water with Meria & Chuck Ochelli"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    By now I suppose you and Chuck already know how much I enjoy your shows together. I am always so relieved/happy to hear kindred souls talk about the exact same things I feel. I am constantly and continually bewildered by the Trumpsters undying devotion to “Agent Orange”. If either of you find a way to break through this unexplainable phenomenon, PLEASE let me know. In the meantime, thank you both for making this entire situation bearable! HUGS

  2. Meria says:

    simple: the uneducated have been duped and love their own enslavement.

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