Stars R Us, with Meria & Joseph Anthony

 4/6/18 Stars R Us, with Meria & Joseph Anthony. Months astrology for April. Mercury in retrograde till the 15th;Mercury in Aries -very impulsive; not focused; push and pull;Saturn & Pluto going retrograde; lots of deaths;Venus in Taurus-breaking barriers and beliefs systems;Cayce’s predictions for 2018;Awakening is occurring; the youth are awak and extremely gifted;Karmic days;Sun squaring Pluto on the 11th;New Moon on 15th; staying grounded; meditate;get outdoors; questioning everything including our purpose;Chiron into Aries until 2027 – wounds & lessons;Sun in Taurus on the 19th;Sun’s intensity is changing; controlling the monetary system;Scorpio full Moon on 29th;plus monthly horoscopes by sign.








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