News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria

 5/21/18 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Another school shooting;FBI vs. trump; election systems vulnerable;Maduro wins;radioactive roads for Fukushima;Gina Haspel, torturer -new CIA chief;Pompeo vs. Iran;EU vs. USA;Israel & Gulf States colluded with Don Jr;smile in school or be punished; explosion in Texas;weapons missing from Minot AFB;Guiliani lies;Roger Stone & Mueller;greed;GOP pays Hope Hicks legal bills; trump backs down on China;shots at trump golf club; curious income at golf clubs in Scotland owned by trump;UN on Israel’s war crimes; detonation in Calif;Melania or Melanie?farm bill stalls;Cuban plane crash;f/b & Atlantic Council;staff meetings cancelled in WH;trump’s gag rule on doctors and abortion;holding kids on military bases;Manafort’s son in law flips;Bill Gates on trump; Kushner’s and Qatar money; and more insanity.






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