News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria

 6/14/18 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. NY Atty.Gen. sues Trump Foundation on multiple charges of fraud;Canadians boycott US and US companies;Guiliani’s ex reveals his latest affair; protesting border lock ups and separating children; tent cities for kids?Michael Cohen ready to flip; scum getting elected; trump cult;US vs. Yemen;Tom Barrack & Saudi’s;Sarah Sander to retire?75 subpoenas  on Manafort case;Apples insecure phones;Monopolies and censorship;arch-racist trump;”Art of the Moron”;Feds raising rates; trump vs. German companies;2026 world  cup; naturalized citizens next;blue wave; trumps propaganda film for Kim;who’s the puppet?Roger Stone confirms trumps affair with Stormy;Senate block deal for ZTE;Kilauea lava; fires in SW;Jared & Ivanka made $82 million last yr;Net neutrality dead;Supreme’s disenfranchise voters;Houston vs. trump; trump “doctrine”;In Texas -Moses a founding father and more insanity.







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