News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria

2/11/19 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Hundreds of predators at So.Baptist Church; Calif pulls Natl Guard from border-New Mexico too; Nogales wants the wire wall removed; Amy Klobuchar; Virginia mess; Eliz Warren vs. trump; Enquirer vs. Bezos; more WH leaks; trump hated in WH; 5 gold star stories; Deutsche Bank & trump; strikes; Yemen;US weapons to Venezuela; Saudi & trump/Khoshoggi; another shutdown?; Ilhan speaks truth to power; tax cut screws blue states; separated children; Kavanaugh & Collins; ICE;Kevin McCarthy; more defections from WH coming; another oil leak; plant closings in NY; farm bankruptcies rise; AOC is right; trump & Bezos; Melania’s friend and inauguration; drug companies; cannabis trials; Whitaker; and tons more stories.







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4 Responses to "News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria"

  1. debalexander2000 says:

    You said, “Trump’s in bed with Pecker.” Wow! Another bumper sticker slogan brought to you by Meria Heller!!

  2. debalexander2000 says:

    P.S. It was Rep. Hakeem Jeffries who asked Whitaker where the hell he came from.

  3. mysticjanet says:

    Cuts off before you are finished ; At states where farmers declared bankruptcies; just thought you’d want to know.
    Says I’m logged in but then won’t accept comment; when I sign in again I get your dashboard or mine; it’s just been really strange for last 3 months; sorry I didn’t let you know about this sooner.

  4. Meria says:

    Not sure why that’s happening to you. Have you emptied your cache? cookies? try logging on without using your saved logins after you clean your cache/cookies. Hugs

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