News of Planet of the Apes, With Meria

5/20/19 News Of Planet Of The Apes, With Meria. Theocracy-Sharia Law; Rich White Men Rule America; Women protest Tuesday; trump threatens Iran despite his own words in 2011; Wag The Dog; Buttigieg on trumps tweets; Robert F. Smith-hero; Biden zionist; Opus Dei, Supreme Ct, Leonard Leo,Barr,Kavanaugh; prices rising due to tariffs; trump wants to pardon war criminals; Deutsche Bank,Russia, trump & Jared;walk out on Pence;Impeach;another transgendered woman killed; Michael Flynn on obstruction; Koalas going extinct; Israeli murderers; Toyota vs. trump; Yemen; Scott Pruitt; another child dies in custody; Napolitano on trump; China vs US; more horrible picks by trump; and more insanity.




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