News of Planet of the Apes,With Meria

5/2/19 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. William Barr,trumps new “fixer” chickens out of 2nd day; the madness of the testimony; Mueller’s retort; Fox turning on trump; Barr’s lies; what Lindsey said about trump then and now; Kellyanne breaks Hatch Act twice; trumps lazy days making up names for opponents; Beehive arson; Alabama rules out abortions; guns for teachers in Fla; Another shooting; Emoluments case to continue against trump; another white rapist gets no jail time; health insurance; another child dies in custody; $6.5 mil to get a kid into school; 13 million kids in US in poverty; Venezuela; taxes; infrastructure; Erik Prince;Assange gets 50 weeks; Stephen Moore gone; trump & far right; white nationalists in the military; Coast guard terrorists (free) targeted judges; trump puts nurses/doctors/parents lives in danger; “innocent” trump sues banks to stop release of finances; Rosenstein, gone; more burgers for athletes; trump vs. firefighters; vaccines & US kids mortality rates; and more insane news.






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