News of Planet of The Apes, with Meria

7/8/19 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Jeffrey Epstein arrested, trump & Clinton’s pal; trump plays innocent; trumps tv watching & golf; F*ck trump at World Cup; Border Patrol and the S.S.; CBP f/b accounts; US at UN on Iran; Pence; Russian sub explosion; State of Emergency in Calif; gas explosion in Fla; another trump loss; Caravan to Canada; 12th migrant dies; environmental horrors; cops scare customers; Russian t.v. laughs at trumps parade; trumps stupid speech; using military as props; photoshopped pics; abortion; baked Alaska; Census; 3 days later No.Korea accuses US of hostile acts; Pelosi; Amash; christianity and trumps freak show; Ivana’s ex on trumps kids; helicopter deaths; WH Science Division empty; Alabama; Iran and Flight 655; Honduran Coup and migrants; trump rails on Fox News; Cuomo passes bill for trumps taxes; and more insanity.







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