Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli


Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Speed racing into totalitarianism; what Meria’s witnessed in just one lifetime; we are the underdogs; minimum wage; rents; food stamps vs. tax cuts for the rich; post human world; The Afghanistan Papers; Bush/Cheney/Rumseld; MSM’s culpability; eat the rich; using Christianity as a “shield”; “put Christ back in Christians”; William Barr and respect the cops; the “supreme” court; pregnancy then and now; vaccines; troops against Iran? Saudi terrorists ; Pensacola-9/11/01; taxation without representation; firemen vs. police and so much more.





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  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    Thank you once again, Meria and Chuck, for helping me to keep my sanity in the chaos and craziness all around us. In fact, if there’s one thing I don’t like about Hell & High Water, it’s that it never seems long enough! hugs

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