Meria with Bev Conover, Editor: Intrepid Report

3/4/20 Meria with Bev Conover, Journalist, Editor of Intrepid Report.

Super Tuesday; Texas long voting lines, 750 polling stations closed; Biden? All the drop outs backing Biden? Bernie’s platform and strong thinking abilities; forward or backwards? the MSM vs. Bernie; Big Tent Project; Biden is yesterday; Clarence Thomas; trump and Biden mentally unfit; age vs. ability to think; stealing votes; democratic socialism; Pence being set up; the abortion case at the Supreme Court; coronavirus; corporate media; Unions; Reagan; JFK; FDR; the Collier Brothers; Feds cut rates; Hillary again; technology, Walter Cronkite,White extinction anxiety  and much more.





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2 Responses to "Meria with Bev Conover, Editor: Intrepid Report"

  1. knorr57 says:

    Last night the democratic establishment re-elected Trump by destroying the 2020 Bernie’s movement and imposing Biden.
    Sadly, Bernie is gone.

  2. Meria says:

    Still a ways to go. Maybe Bernie will bury him in the debate, but I agree.

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