Meria With the News

1/21/21 Meria With the News.

Biden 46th President; Multicultural America represented; Biden’s speech; the inauguration; trump gone, vows return; QAnon believers in shock; trumps prosecutions and investigations amp up; pardoned his cronies; World welcomes Biden; sigh of relief; pillow guy; Jen Psaki first press conference; trump left Covid nightmare behind; Biden hired 1,000 with warning; Biden fires trumps picks; China sanctions trump allies; trump gets SS for family!; Biden busy undoing trumps policies; stops the wall; Avril Haines, director of Natl. Intelligence (first woman); evictions; Climate Accord; the insurrection; Monarch Butterfly; Janet Yellen; Melania; Pence; no one wants any trump for neighbor; more arrests; Bundy threats; and loads more news.



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