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4/19/21 Meria With The News.

Derek Chavin’s trial; more people shot by cops since; tons of shootings this week; Mars; homelessness; trump loses again; Russia; 36 yrs of Putin? Oath Keepers; Alex Jones; GMO mosquitoes; Pfizer VP “govt lying to you”; vaccination deaths; Bldg 7; drought; cops vs. journalists; Roger Stone owes $2 mil in taxes; Navalny; US military; Anglo-Saxon party? Prince Philip; danger of Q; Mike Pence pacemaker; Israel; Raul Castro; cops donate to Rittenhouse; Bannonism; Macron & Zelensky; headline news; mixing humans and monkeys; Jerry Falwell Jr. sued; Pompeo investigated; Bill Barr; Manafort & Russian connection; Lula exonerated; mRNA based vaccines & Prion disease; and more.



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