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9/23/21 Meria With the News.

Sr.Diplomat quits Biden over inhumane treatment of Haitians; horses & whips; brown shirts ala Villanueva; trumps 6 pt. memo to overthrow the election; trump knew; Yemen starving; Wolf hunt? $2.13 an hour -quit; W & Cheney; murders rise; Sequoias; rents climb; Priest drug dealer; R.Kelly; bounties in Texas; climate change; Protests worldwide against vaccine mandates; 3 doses and still infected; hospitals; protecting the vaccinated? (doesn’t the shot do that?); Volcano erupts; trump Org. trial; Trudeau; Lula vs Bolsonaro; Manchin/Sinema on the take; Proud Boys/Q hacked by Anonymous; trump sues (losers loser); Iron Dome; The Fed; headline news.




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