Meria With The News

10/18/21 Meria With The News.

The Deification of Colin Powell begins; Calif & Lake Tahoe dry; blaming the unvaccinated for shipping problems; going nuts at sea; trumps civil lawsuits mount; Sinema-poser; Machin -poser; labor strikes; Israel; Bill Clinton; Ahmaud Arbery; China; Kyle Rittenhouse; boosters; oil spill; Haiti; Venezuela; Hollywood; Durst; Merck rips off taxpayers; SCOTUS horrors; DOJ; Italy; Tex-ass; Australia quarantine camps; can’t see your kid without a shot? losing people in the Navy; cops & pilots resist shots; Cher; Steve Bannon; Andrew McCabe got the last laugh; lawmaker stabbed; Congress & Israel; Brandon Goodwin; Biden’s tax reporting proposal; ¬†prison for miscarriage? SCOTUS protects police immunity; headline news.




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