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12/9/21 Meria With The News.

Subpoena for trump; lawsuits; Caldor fire culprits; winter olympic boycott; 4 day schools; Mark Meadows; Arkansas & abortion ban; Calif-abortion sanctuary; US -imperiled democracy; Iran; Israel; Netanyahu’s trial; Elon Musk; Putin; war; Michael Steinhardt; mental health and our kids (save the fetus); Nunes leaving; more kids shot; no justice for Emmett Till; US “Lords of War”; worldwide tyranny; no shot -prison; tossing Nuremberg Code; Canada-no shot, no food; Omicron among vaccinated; shots & cardiac arrests; Forbes:mRNA vaccines alter DNA;vaccine database; after Roe more rights will go; suicide capsule; JFK Jr. on Fauci; Cawthorn sex abuser; Oil co’s profits rise; Great Barrington Declaration; $768 bil to defense; 4 shots; Kellogg; “smart homes” go dark; excess deaths despite mass injections; headline news.




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