Meria’s Back With the News!

1/3/22 Meria’s Back With the News!

Fully vaccinated cases of Covid19; Twitter & Marjorie Taylor Greene; Covid anti-viral pills & life threatening reactions for some meds; twitter suspends inventor of mRNA; Capitol attack updates; deaths up 40% not due to covid; NY Senate Bill A416; 4th shot approved; LA beaches covered in raw sewage; Bill Barr; trump; Calif snow; Colorado firestorm; more to come; televising 1/6 committee findings; Betty White, Harry Reid, John Madden & Desmond Tutu dead; coup2024?; Bernie Kerik flips on trump; Texas begs for help; LAPD kills 5; Ghislaine Maxwell -Israeli Connection; trump worried about her spilling; Biden’s foreign policy; floods in Brazil; Medicare; Dershowitz; mass extinction; Teva Pharmaceuticals guilty; billions made on vaccines; bird flu; dark money & Amy Barrett; US suffers mass delusional psychosis; headline news.




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