Meria With The News

3/31/22 Meria With The News.

Russian troops suffer acute radiation sickness; turn on each other; Ukraine latest; Swedes vs. Russian planes; Biden taps oil reserves; some states drop oil tax; more anti-vote/anti-trans/anti-abortion laws; 50% of our waters polluted; housing bubble burst? 7 hrs of calls missing from trump on 1/6; Mick Mulvaney on CBS? more vicious cops; more shots; Ketanji Brown Jackson; trump begs Putin; cops kill 3 of us a day; the border; Hawaii vs. the Navy; Bruce Willis; Palestine; Madison Cawthorn; Anti-Lynching law 100 yrs late; Putin vs. Zelenskyy; Alex Jones; Clarence Thomas; Ginni Thomas; Ted Cruz; and Headline News.




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