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4/11/22 Meria With The News.

Venezuela/ICC/US sanctions; updates on Ukraine; expanding NATO; China; “don’t say gay” laws in red States; anti-trans/kids/women/minorities/gays GOP; 121,000 kids kidnapped by Russia; evidence of criminality for trump & Jr on 1/6; Jared & Mnuchin’s $2 Billion from Saudis; cops get away with murder; farms destroyed; world has 90 days of food; Lizelle Herrera; Francis Boyle on bio-labs; “Dr” Oz; Macron/LePen; Manatees; NYPD; school shooting; Ketanji Brown Jackson; Chernobyl idiots; trump borrowing from online banks; 14th amendment; GE mosquitoes; Israel human rights violations; big oil reaps profits; UN vs.Russia; 15 classified boxes; disqualify insurrectionists; headline news.




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