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6/27/22 Meria With The News.

Supreme Court of Injustice led by Dopus Dei; DHS predicts violence-it’s coming from the Jack Boot cops and trucks running into peaceful protesters; Miranda Rights gone; prayer is back; guns are back; gun bill  a joke; Biden’s a joke; Where’s Merrick Garland; world shocked at Supreme Court; liars/perjurers -trumps chumps on the court; SCOTUS has ZERO legitimacy; Clarence Thomas wants to end same sex marriage, contraception and more; MTG; AOC is right; GOP doomed; shock reverbs among women; more dead mothers to come; Mary Miller,nazi; Canada, UK; Tucker; mass shooting in Norway; Jan 6 committee  has the smoking gun; Toyota recall; Jews against SCOTUS; Israel slams trump; 1st amendment gone; Lake Mead; gas refunds in Calif; Jeff Clark home raided by FBI; trumps secret call to Putin; Abraham Accords fuels violence; Cornyn segregationist; G7; “Uncle Clarence”; Mockery of democracy; Pope praises SCOTUS; Rudy; headline news.




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