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6/23/22 Meria With The News.

Dopus Dei SCOTUS, worst ever; from guns to Miranda; govt worries about cigarettes; Calif Natl Guard; Bruce’sBeach; Biden on LGBTQ; Gillum indicted; Uvalde; death threats from MAGA terrorists; more traitors convicted; Ghislaine Maxwell; Maury retires; mental defect; Mayor Adams; stupid people; Daunte Wright; separation of church & state gone; pigs in the NFL; Afghan earthquake; housing boom crashing; fish; sky high rents (greed); Bill Cosby loses; Ron Johnson, traitor; Colbert; Where’s Merrick? shootings; Israel; Colorado River; Pfizer, shots & pregnant women; Vaccine deaths; is it monkeypox? WW3 talk; LaMDA (AI) hires attorney; Eric Greitens threats; headline news.




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