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7/11/22 Meria With The News.

Biden on abortion; Uber; twitter vs. Elon; Biden in 2024? 71 mil in poverty since Ukraine war; Putin expecting; post legal SCOTUS; Sri Lanka; Brazil; Kavanaugh protesters; feces to GOP; cops kill another 15 yr old; methotrexate; trump documentary; explosions at natural gas facilities; Guiliani’s b.s.; Bannon; Emmett Till; Roundup in your urine; SCOTUS is dead; Court okays release of trumps taxes; Uvalde; reward for SCOTUS sightings;Venezuela; 15th payout to Ukraine; filming cops in Arizona; Tony Sirico, James Caan dead; Shinzo Abe murdered; trumps abuse of power; Chauvin gets 21 yrs; Georgia Guidestones; Roy Moore loses; Brittney Griner; Newsom; 99.9% mass shooters are men; Boris Johnson resigns; Liberty Counsel (evangelicals) pray with SCOTUS; headline news.




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