Meria With Predictive News

8/1/22 Meria With Predictive News.

Biden has covid again; fires and floods; Nichelle Nichols & Bill Russell dead; NFL rapist Watson gets 6 game suspension; trumps lawyers; Pelosi; Alex Jones; grain from Ukraine; Indiana bans all abortions; Oath Keepers “Death List”; trump sides with Russia & Saudi’s; trumps tax break on Ivana’s burial; Kari Lake, fake; Olivia Julianna hero; Saudi tournament flops; NYC fears lawsuits from 9/11; latest VAERS info; health care workers win; BOA; Prince Charles & Bin Laden money; oil companies rolling in dough; new “vaccines”; San Diego State football rapists; Russia; DHS missing texts; dead birds; more tigers; Bishop Bling; murders; Alito thinks he’s funny;Headline news.




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