Meria With The News

8/4/22 Meria With The News.

Cops charged in Breonna Taylor case; DDT dumped in ocean; Taiwan/Pelosi/China; AIPAC wins; Russia/Ukraine; abortion on the ballet; viva Kansas!; Alex Jones in deep; DOJ vs. Peter Navarro; Sinema’s latest holdout; Mormon sex abuse; NATO; more shootings; monkeypox; veterans benefits passes; cultists win primaries; McKinney fire; who didn’t wipe their phones? credit card debt rises; Biden oks $5billion in missile sales to Saudis; Canadian warships; woman dies from shot in Japan; no shot, no transplant!; Yellowstone; Ayman Zawahiri; Bishop Bling; speed cameras 24/7; Kentucky floods; Uvalde; Headline news.




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