Meria With The News

5/4/23 Meria With The News

Proud Boys guilty of sedition; more subway attacks; more mass murders; LAFD; Clarence & SCOTUS; trump loses again; Rape trial continues; Scotland hates trump; porn in Utah; Abbott gives himself power to overturn elections; drones hit Kremlin? another rate hike; 258 million starving; Sandra Day O’Connor gave 2000 to Bush; robot dogs & Chat GPT; Tucker; Writers strike; troops to the border; Al Franken on SCOTUS villains; Lula; loneliness; Israel and the WH; Dangers of A.I.; Copenhagen; CNN & trump; Gordo Lightfoot died; banking collapse 2023; Noam Chomsky & Epstein; Leonard Leo gifted $1.6 billion from Federalist Society; Headline news.





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