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7/10/23 Meria With The News

Larry Nassar faced real justice in prison; trump-why is he still free or allowed to run? Section 3 of the 14th Amendment; Gold star of the day; cluster bombs Joe? really?; concert goers; Dutch Govt collapses; Israel’s intifada on Jenin; No.Korea; weather; US & China “try” geo-engineering; people crime; cop crime; French cops; child labor comeback; Seabird die-off; Robots warn us about AI; FDA approves Leqembi; people/athletes just dropping dead; Newsom; Mayor Adams; shark attacks; trump posted Obama’s address; Threads; Subs; defendants blame trump for 1/6; Saudi’s; US war on Syria; Don Jr -sex at gay club; Pence;Lula;11 mass shootings in July;Mobster says trump doesn’t keep his word; headline news.





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