Meria With The News

8/21/23 Meria With The News

Hurricane Hilary; geo-engineering the “weather”; house fires; Washington state fires; Maui’s suspicious “fire”; Ojai earthquake; Canada’s fires; trumps special treatment; trump chickens out on debate; wants 2026 trial (lol); Judge quotes trumps “advanced age” in E.Jean Carroll case; proud boys not so proud facing 33 yrs; impotent rage; racist criminal LA cops arrested by FBI; trumps threats by MAGA on judges & jurors investigated; mortgage rates 7.1%; NY: vibriosis; ¬†Al Sharpton and trumps “riggers”; Russians; Moon crash; people crime; Rudy; Bolsonaro duplicate of trump; 14th Amendment & trump; the war; murdering nurse convicted; murdered for a pride flag; the Carters; headline news.




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