Meria With The News

8/28/23 Meria With The News.

DeSantis booed -3 killed in Jacksonville; trumps pissed at everyone/everything-going nuts; Bob Barker dead; Latest on very suspicious fires in Maui; Maui & 9/11 similarities; directed energy weapons; Biden wants a new Covid vaccine “one that works”; RFK Jr; trumps hit list & his cult; bad nuns; people crime; cop crime; Mayor Adams crook; fake electors turn on trump; Maralago & Don Jr; mug shot; CDC’s latest b.s.; compromised evidence in Maui (like 9/11); Penguins dying; Putin; Netanyahoo; Fukushima release; billionaires own SCOTUS; photosynthesis; world on fire; Raskin on 14th amendment; headline news.




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