Meria With The News

12/28/23  Meria With the News

Tommy Smothers, Lee Sun-Kyun, Matt Napolitano dead; horrific crimes on Christmas; Water Barons of Tulare Lake;protests; storm in Calif; Pregnant teen found dead; Minnesota Dairy Farms; trump hopes opponents “rot in hell” in bizarre all night Xmas rants; Pope calls Gaza children “little Jesuses of today”; cop crime; Riker’s; 6200 still homeless in Lahaina; more homeless in America than ever; Christian Fascist MAGA Mike; Israel’s ethnic cleansing continues; Iran; Clarence Thomas guilty of fraud; minimum wage; RFK Jr; Kari Lake on same path as Guiliani; new book-trump lethally incompetent; suicides in China; Erdogan says Netanyahu worse than Hitler; Jack Smith; headline news.




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