Meria With the News

1/1/24 Meria With The News.

7.5 Earthquake in Japan!; Kristina Borjesson, Tom Wilkinson, John Pilger died; Epstein files; people crime; cop crime; Clarice Schillinger; So.Africa at UN; Biden bypasses Congress again for Isra-hell; Netanyahu; Calif coastline; shaming pro-Palestinian students at Harvard; Russia/Ukraine amp it up; Biden says we may have to fight Russia; population tops 8 billion; trumps latest insanity and scam; trump off ballot in Maine; jail trump; Rick Scott swatted; Nikki Haley, trump in a skirt; trumps “toe pads”; horror in Gaza; banks & retailers closing branches; mRNA shots & rise in cancer; flu shots cause the flu; tax $$ to anti-abortion centers; fewest homicides since the 1960s; North Korea vs.South Korea & US; headline news.




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