Meria With The News

2/29/24 Meria With The News

Russia is not our friend; did trump have a seizure?; trump tried to negotiate his fine; Israel slaughtering Gaza; people crime; snow in Tahoe; fires in Texas; SCOTUS theocratic republicans in robes; Putin talks nukes; Iran/Lebanon/Israel; Illinois wants trump off ballot; Richard Lewis dead; Bishop Bling; McConnell to step down; Biden fit for duty; homeless seniors; shootings in Minneapolis; trump vs. Stormy; trump vs. Prince Harry; vaccines & instant death; Diddy; another gag order for trump; Russian intel behind Hunter story; Jacob Rothschild dead; CBDC; Sudan; Dengue fever & GE Mosquitoes; MAGA Russian Mike Johnson; Boeberts son arrest on 22 charges; headline news.




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