Meria With The News

2/1/24 Meria With The News

More storms for California; vaccine damage; people crime; cop crime; right wing nut decapitates father; Disney; Jackie Robinson; Texas goes to war with the Federal Govt; E.Jean Carroll & trump; trump shopping for lawyers; Georgia; Rape is Rape Act; UPS layoffs; Taylor Swift attacks; Sotomayor; abortion pill; Musk; syphilis on the rise; Cori Bush; Chita Rivera dead; Mayor Adams loses; Amelia Earhart; RFK Jr; Bayer loses; Gaza’s eating grass; Maui “fires”; Alzheimers & the drug; Bolsonaro; Amy Coney Barretts father; no one wants to join an army; Biden leads trump;GOP stopping Biden for trump; Steele Dossier; headline news.




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