Meria on the Chuck Ochelli Show

7/12/15 Meria is the first guest on The Ochelli Factor now heard at American Freedom Radio. This was live on 7/9/15. We don’t leave much out. Thanks to Chuck for permission to re-post this.       SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN     Information [...]

Meria on the Ochelli Factor

4/29/15 With the kind permission of Charles Ochelli, last night’s interview on Chuck’s show with Meria is now available to her listening audience. We discussed everything from Baltimore to vaccines and most of all non-participation. [...]

Meria on the Ochelli Effect Radio Show

11/23/14 The Ochelli Effect from 11/15/14 when Meria guest starred. Meria and Charles talk about just about everything, including lots of laughs. Every one of Meria’s co-hosts gets props on the show too. Thanks to Charles for permission [...]

The Ochelli Effect – Meria on Charles Ochelli’s show

5/10/14 The Ochelli Effect – Meria was the guest of Charles Ochelli for two hours on April 19. Thanks to Charles generosity this show was approved for replay here on site. We cover every topic imaginable. Some listeners said it was the [...]

Meria on Sacred Space with George Rideout

2/14/14 George Rideout of Sacred Space Radio interviewed Meria on 2/9/14 and is generous enough to give us the recording. This two hour interview shows Meria on the other side of the mic, but always herself! Enjoy.     SUBSCRIBE TO [...]