News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria

News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. 6/15/20: Supreme Court rules against trump twice; latest on Covid19 worldwide; FDA revokes authorization of trump promoted drugs; more fatal killings by cops; hanged black men; trumps ads for actors for [...]

The Blasted News with Meria

11/17/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Anonymous takes on the KKK over Ferguson; National Guard ready for Ferguson; months for the Grand Jury and other irregularities;Fresno student rapes sheep; 4 Dead in chemical leak at DuPont;DEA and NFL;Apple [...]

The Blasted News With Meria

11/13/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Fukushima deformities and deaths;Big Banks fined, no one goes to jail; KKK throwing in it’s cookies in Ferguson; Loretta Lynch and asset forfeiture;double your SNAP for fruits and veggies; bankrupted [...]