Meria on the Donald Jeffries Show

9/10/21 Roaring Tribute to Meria.     The Donald Jeffries Show 9-8-2021 Meria Heller Meria Heller has been broadcasting, with her unique perspective, for over twenty years. She started on the terrestrial radio, and then went online, where [...]

Meria With The News

7/1/21 Meria With the News. Trump CEO & Organization indicted; Bill Cosby released on technicality; Donald Rumsfeld dead; Liz Cheney on House committee; hate crimes rise; fireworks; Supreme Court votes against voting rights; latest on bldg [...]

Meria on Chuck Ochelli’s Show

5/23/20 Meria on Chuck Ochelli’s show. Chuck was kind enough to forward the audio of the show we did on www.Ochelli.com  on 5/18/19.. Here it is.   SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN                                      [...]

Meria on the Chuck Ochelli Show

10/22/19 Meria on the Ochelli Effect. Chuck was kind enough to send me the audio of our show to post. Totally different show than Hell & High Water today. Enjoy.               SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN      [...]

Meria on the Chuck Ochelli Show

6/29/19 Meria on The Chuck Ochelli Show. Chuck & I discuss the debates and the latest trump news. What does America need in 2020? Pass the torch? Thanks to Chuck for allowing me to post this.           SUBSCRIBE [...]