Hell & High Water with Meria & Chuck Ochelli

10/24/23 Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. The ever increasing cost of living; Health insurance; dental visits; covering presidents good and bad; medicare; Has Bidenomics improved your finances? baby boomers; the price and [...]

Tragedy and Hope with Meria & Richard Grove

8/30/23 Tragedy and Hope, with Meria & Richard Grove This show is not to be missed! Richard Grove, Historian is fabulous. From 9/11 Conference in Chicago to Autonomy today; 9/11 was coordinated by government & corporations; tie ins [...]

Meria With Patricia Cori – Episode 6 “Hacking The God Code”

7/14/23 Meria With Patricia Cori “Hacking The God Code The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul”-Episode 6 This is a HAVE to READ book. Today we talk about weather manipulation; geo engineering, blocking the Sun; the food supply; [...]

Meria with Patricia Cori – Episode 4 of “Hacking The God Code”

3/29/23 Meria With Patricia Cori -Episode 4 -“Hacking The God Code, The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul” The deliberate dangers of AI, robots, trans humanism; becoming borg; cell phones, Alexa; ET’s in plain site; shape [...]

Blood & Guts with Meria and Jack Blood

3/22/23  Blood & Guts, with Meria and Jack Blood. This pic shows how long Jack and I have been working together to bring you truth; weapons of mass distractions; power grid attacks, train derailments Рwho benefits? regulations to [...]