Meria With Guy McPherson Walking Away From Empire

Unknown7/10/13 Meria interviews Guy McPherson, Conservation Biologist, Social Critic, Professor and author on his book “Walking Away From Empire”.American empire – constantly at war; Oil War3; cultural programming from birth; better way to live; peak everything; the end of the industrial civilization; over-consumption;population overshoot; 200 species a day go extinct, soon humans will; fouling our nest; national religion of greed; bail out the Earth; we are born into captivity; durability; solutions are available; the Earth is too big to fail; “socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor”; saving the living planet from imperialism; opting out of western civilization; environmental overshoot; the post industrial stone age; collapse of America; Can technology or science “save us”. This is a very important (albeit uncomfortable) show.





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11 Responses to "Meria With Guy McPherson Walking Away From Empire"

  1. dts51sound says:

    Hi Meria. This is my first time replying on here. I’m about 75% done with this episode and I have to say that I really like your guests thinking. I’ll listen to this episode again tonight while at work, so thanks for having him on. I will look up his book and other research. Thanks again.

  2. Meria says:

    Glad to see you posting here! Glad you enjoyed the show too. I think his thinking is right on. hugs

  3. shaun70a says:

    Intuitively I feel as the control system continues to tighten people will instinctively start making the kind of moves you discussed. Far from being a backward step, I see it as a way forward :-). Thanks for bringing Guy into our focus Meria.

  4. Meria says:

    you are most welcome.

  5. andyirbuchan says:

    While disagreeing with none of Guy’s ethical stances, I do not agree with his general pessimism. It is very easy to discount the sheer ingenuity of the human species which the System suppresses; Guy seems to sense the coming collapse of the System & thus supposes that Humanity will thereupon be lost. However, while I do not doubt the verity of the Saying of the Rastas these last 80 years — that “Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive –” Human Civilisation does survive, & so does well beyond the lifetimes of even our children’s children’s children, Meria. I do not just know this for a Fact — I am choosing my terms carefully here — I know this as a REALITY. You will doubtless wonder how I might know the survival of Human Civilisation as a Reality, & i’m in no position to divulge. You can either take it on trust or suppose me misguided: but we DO, as a species, survive through the centuries.

  6. Meria says:

    I hope so. I think the majority of people will have a very hard time.

  7. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    What a great interview. You are so right about him (and you) not being a failure. He and you are making a huge difference in the lives of people – maybe not millions, but certainly many. I am going to adopt his phrase “environmental overshoot” to make me mindful whenever I consider making a purchase. Four days a week, I live on a financial fast. I buy NOTHING. I drive NOWHERE. If I want to buy something, it has to be carefully considered and I can only buy it on the other three days a week. If I want to go somewhere on those four days, I have to walk. Do I feel deprived? No, I do not. In fact, interestingly, I actually feel “richer” for it – and I totally enjoy my four days of being unplugged from “civilization.” I cook for my friends; I pick oranges off my tree and juice them; I play with my dog; I read books; I go into your archives and listen to back-to-back (to-back) shows; I knit; I make art pieces and jewelry; I pack up boxes of my “stuff” to give away; I let my mind run free and I get great ideas.

  8. Meria says:

    I think his work is great. The truth hurts, but it’s the truth.

  9. jennifer says:

    This episode is as relevant now in 2019 as it was 6 years ago. Thank you, Maria, for your excellent journalism and great guest.

  10. Meria says:

    thank you. I change the front page every week to post some older shows that new subscribers may have missed. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

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