Meria with Dr. Charryse Johnson -Police Culture of Brutality

2/7/23 Meria With Dr.Charryse Johnson-Police Culture of Brutality. Dr.Charryse Johnson, author of “Expired Mindsets:Releasing Patterns That No Longer Serve You Well” joins Meria today to discuss Tyre Nichols and the 229 black people [...]

Meria with Matt Landman on 5G

8/23/19 Meria with Matt Landman, producer of “Frankenskies” on the dangers of 5G. What is 5G? What does it do to your circadian rhythm? pay attention when purchasing a home; dirty electricity; grounding; health, anatomy & frequencies; [...]

Oldie: Meria With Marsha Weissman – The State of Our Prison System

4/28/15 While riots are happening in Baltimore, what could be more timely than this golden oldie about the disparity of African Americans in our “justice” system? No one asks “why” when these things escalate…..Originally [...]

15th Year Begins with Meria & Dr.Katherine Albrecht-Spy Chips

7/31/14 The Meria Heller Show kicks off it’s 15th year on the internet today with Meria and her guest Dr. Katherine Albrecht of Spy Chips. Voluntarily paying for your own surveillance; dangers of cell phones, laptops, etc; psychologically [...]

Meria with Paul Armentano – NORML

3/4/14 Meria interviews Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML-National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws; His latest book: Marijuana is Safer:So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?; the rights of the cannabis consumer; medical marijuana; [...]