Meria on Chuck Ochelli’s Show

5/23/20 Meria on Chuck Ochelli’s show. Chuck was kind enough to forward the audio of the show we did on www.Ochelli.com  on 5/18/19.. Here it is.   SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN                                      [...]

Blood & Guts – Meria on Jack Bloods show

12/30/17 Special Encore performance thanks to Jack Blood and American Freedom Radio. Our year end wrap up and predictions. Enjoy. Recorded 12/29/17. Meria’s the 2nd half of the show.                 SUBSCRIBE [...]

Meria on the Ochelli Effect Radio Show

11/23/14 The Ochelli Effect from 11/15/14 when Meria guest starred. Meria and Charles talk about just about everything, including lots of laughs. Every one of Meria’s co-hosts gets props on the show too. Thanks to Charles for permission [...]