Meria on Sacred Space with George Rideout

mqdefault2/14/14 George Rideout of Sacred Space Radio interviewed Meria on 2/9/14 and is generous enough to give us the recording. This two hour interview shows Meria on the other side of the mic, but always herself! Enjoy.





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2 Responses to "Meria on Sacred Space with George Rideout"

  1. dts51sound says:

    Heard the show and was somewhat surprised. It was almost as if a different Meria was being interviewed. The Meria which I listen to four times a week comes across with a happier kinda tone. The Meria I heard in this interview came across with less restraint, angrier and harsher. I like this one better. This Meria resonated more with how I see things happening than the one I hear each week. Not that the gloom & doom is something that I prefer, but calling it like we actually see it is preferable than sugar coating the global condition. Then again, we are both from NYC. We’ll call bullshit on bullshit, and bullshitters, bullshitters. Good job in that interview.

  2. Meria says:

    thanks! I have a lot of sides to me, he brings that side out on me. Glad you enjoyed it! hugs

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