Golden Oldie: Pedophilia in the Jehovahs Witnesses Organization

12/23/14 Golden Oldie: Back in the news again in 2014, this interview is Meria interviewing William Bowen, Ex-Elder with the Jehovahs Witnesses Organization, recorded 9/30/01. Interesting to hear the sound quality back then compared to now [...]

Meria With Ryan Cragun -What You Don’t Know about Religion (but should)

9/30/14 Meria interviews sociologist Ryan Cragun on his book “What You Don’t Know About Religion (but should)”. Religious fundamentalism and conflicts/wars;unwilling to compromise; atheists more knowledgeable about the Bible [...]

Meria With Webster Tarpley on Romney and the Mormon Traditions

11/1/12 Meria interviews investigative journalist Webster Tarpley on his latest book a must read pre-election: “Just Too Weird, Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy, and Subversion” available in [...]

Meria With Daniel Karslake “For the Bible Tells Me So”

5/27/08 Daniel Karslake, write, director and producer of “For The Bible Tells Me So” joins Meria today. Does the bible really condemn homosexuality? This movie won 10 awards so far; choosing between religion and suicide; bible used to create [...]

Meria With Eric Jon Phelps – Vatican Assassins-the Jesuits

5/3/07 Eric Jon Phelps “Vatican Assassins, Wounded in the House of My Friends” exposes the Jesuits and those who avoid covering it. Luciferians, Sons of Loyola, Jesuit’s wars and more. Remember the Jesuits are at the top of [...]