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Meria has an intelligent, loyal and engaged audience. With every new show she posts, site traffic surges with people who talk about the show on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more. This dedication has earned Meria’s site a Google PageRank of 5! Maximize your advertising dollars by reaching the many diverse, awake and aware fans of The Meria Heller Show.
Know that you are also helping to support truth radio with your ad, and  you have the benefit of non-stop replays in the archives.


Rates for Banner Ads:

468px x 60px full horizontal banner ad:
$150. per month, 3 month minimum
prominent homepage placement

336 x 280 large rectangular banner ad:
$200. per month, 3 month minimum
prominent homepage placement

Accepted file types: gif and jpg
Maximum file size is 50kb
Banner ads subject to approval
Banner ad design available at affordable rates – contact Meria for details.


Make sure your business fits the genre of the show. Meria has the last word to approve or reject any advertiser.

In good times it pays to advertise; in hard times, you must advertise.
Know that you are also helping to support truth radio with your ad, and you have the benefit of non-stop replays in the archives.


1 min ad prepared by you either mp3 or  CD $100.00 Minimum 4*
1 time only ad $150.00
Live read by Meria on show, you provide the copy:  1 min: $200.00 Minimum 4*
*This gives you one show that will air at the sample/free show 24/7 for a minimum of four days straight, then replay in the archives.

You must provide the copy for a live read, and the produced audio on cd/mp3 for ad. (I recommend and use www.garthguy.com).

Sponsor the show
By the week: 30 sec intro, 1 min ad, 30 sec outro $500.00 (4 shows)
By the day: $200.00
By the month: $1500.00
“This show brought to you by: _______.”

All ads include a live link to your site.



****For all advertising and sponsorship inquiries  email : Meria@Meria.net




If your book doesn’t make the cut for the show, Meria offers this option to authors and publicists:

A minimal investment fee of $1,000. If you check out an hour of airtime for radio or television you will see the fee is minimal for serious authors.(must be paid before submitting the book -Meria cannot read it without payment in advance).

For your investment you receive:

Meria’s reading and review of your work

A one hour commercial free interview

A digital file of your interview to use however you see fit

A live link on site to your website

An Amazon link to purchase your book directly

Replay in the archives

This is a tremendous value.

Lots of authors have become best-sellers after being on The Meria Heller Show. (understand there is no guarantee)

Your book/work/topic must be approved by Meria to be in alignment with the genre and an expert at what you do.

Meria prides herself on only the very best for her listening audience. Not everyone will be a “fit” for a show. Familiarize yourself with the site before contacting Meria at Meria@Meria.net

All press kits and submissions by mail
All inquiries by email Meria@Meria.net

Please check the venue of the show to be sure your material fits before submitting.

Thank you

Meria Heller
PO Box 1300
Payson, Arizona 85547




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THEY ALL TUNE INTO “THE MERIA HELLER SHOW” DAILY. They also spend loads of time surfing the site. With thousands of listeners worldwide and twenty four years on the internet, it’s the most highly respected show out there. People respect Meria’s opinions and recommendations.



                                                                           “In good times it pays to advertise; in hard times, you must advertise.”