Solid Gold: Meria With Lawrence Rowe Jr “Tempus Fugit”

    11/10/11 One of Meria’s FAVORITE interviews and Books! Lawrence Rowe Jr author of “Some Men Are Great In Any Time, Tempus Fugit”. Suppose Washington, Jefferson and Franklin re-awaken in 2001? How they view our country? [...]

Meria With William Rodriguez – A true hero of 9/11/01

5/19/11   Meria interviews “the last man out” of 9/11/01 – William Rodriguez – HERO. This is a very intense show. “remember remember the 11th of September, the day of our government’s treason”; William [...]

Buried Treasure: Meria With Dr. Colin Campbell

11/9/10 What was Meria Heller doing 6 days before 9/11/01? Interviewing Dr. Colin Campbell on his “China Study”. T. Colin Campbell is considered the top figure in this country when it comes to nutrition. The China Study, an investigation [...]

Oldie but Goodie – Meria With Dr. Arun Gandhi

11/7/10 Out of the treasure vault of past shows – Meria Heller’s favorite show to date: interview with Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. People that remember Mahatma were amazed at how similar Dr.Arun Gandhi’s voice [...]

Meria With Dr. Andrew Wakefield -Autism and Vaccines!

7/13/10 Meria Heller interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield,MB,BS,FRCS,FRCPath. Dr. Wakefield lost his job in the UK and much more for taking on big Pharma and exposing the truth about the MMR vaccine and autism. We discuss his excellent book “Callous [...]