Meria and Greg Palast – Billionaires and Ballot Bandits

10/23/12 Meria interviews Greg Palast, Investigative Journalist on his latest book “Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, How to Steal An Election in 9 Easy Steps”. Greg co-wrote the book with Bobby Kennedy Jr and Ted Rall. The ballot condom-what you can do; Florida’s felon purge worse now than 2000; the game is played with databases; John Kerry/Andrew Meyer and Armed Madhouse. Kerry created a bill to make caging illegal; disenfranchisement; Vote ID; eliminate the voters; own the voting machines; billionaires are stealing the elections- who are they? Romney’s company and money in China; How Romney benefitted from the auto bailout; The ruling elite’s class warfare through stealing your vote; GM/Delphi/Chinese Workers/Romney; the Isle of Jersey; Paul Singer, Vulture investor; Elliot Asso., Huey Long & Roosevelt; Citizen’s United – Super PACS – treason; Sheldon Adelson & China; stealing your vote is all about money; millions disenfranchised by voting criteria – who are they? racial profiling; Jim Crow in cyber-space; history is moving backwards and lots more.




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6 Responses to "Meria and Greg Palast – Billionaires and Ballot Bandits"

  1. zese says:

    Wow had to listen to this one twice.

  2. Meria says:

    yes it’s a whole lot of information. His book rocks it.

  3. zese says:

    I’ll get it for sure! It’s so hard trying to talk to republicans they are so closed minded/brainwashed so the book would be a good tool.

    Love ya

  4. Meria says:

    As Greg points out both sides have stolen elections, it’s not just repugs.

  5. maureen o'brien says:

    What an interview! The only bummer is Greg is right about keeping Mr. Magic Panties out of the White House. It’s my belief that the Bilderbergers select our POTUS – I don’t think it’s a coincidence they meet here in the US every election year, then seal it with their sick rituals at Bowhore Grove right after. Greg’s got a lot of passion and he LOVES you Meria!!! So do I bite the bullet and vote for the Liar CIA Barry or risk mandatory Mormon missionary service in some horrible Hellhole? Jim Marrs was right about counting votes – all paper votes and counted by Boys and Girl Scouts…My Amazon book list grows again! Love, Mo

  6. Meria says:

    Greg does great work, and I’m proud to say I was the first person in the US to interview him in 2000. He appreciates it as you heard.You can always vote for Gary Johnson, that would be a vote taken from Romney. hugs

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